Dear Lions friends,
Sympathetic Leos

The Organizing Committee and TOGO Lions are pleased to convene you to the 23rd ALL AFRICA CONFERENCE to be held from January 31st to February 3rd 2018.

In the pretty and peaceful capital city of their country, in the sumptuous premises of Radisson Blu 2 Février Hotel, you will make reflections, for four days, on how Africa Lions are gearing up to serve better within the context of a new organizational structure in this new century onset.

Now, how can we spend four days in Togo without inquiring on Togolese culture, on the synthesis of the various countries’ traditions in that part of Africa?

How can we spend four days in Togo without celebrating friendship during the numerous relaxation moments?

Dear friends, building on the support from the highest Authorities of their country, Togo Lions are gearing up to offer you the best conditions of stay and work for a conference that will be memorable on several aspects.

Yours friendly,

André Ekoué GBADOE,
Past District Governor
GLT Area Leader
Organizing Committee Chairman