Vaccines highly recommended :
  • universal vaccine (DTPP, hepatitis B);
  • meningococcal meningitis (essential) ;
  • malaria (essential) ;
  • typhoid fever ;
  • hepatitis A.

Nationalities that are concerned*

Nationalities exempt from Visa: Visa is not required to travelers hailing from ECOWAS member countries and all holders of NANSEN passport. Besides, some countries such as South Africa and Romania are also exempt from Togo entry visa.

Nationalities that need visa : Nationals from all the other countries can get their visa in Togo embassies and consulates.

Consulates can issue three types of visa:  Tourist visa, diplomatic visa and business visa. Only embassies are authorized to issue a visa for immigration to Togo.

Visa obtaining on site in Togo

Visas on site are issued in the country by immigration services installed at the borders and at the international airport Gnassingbé Eyadema for a maximal duration of 7 days.

Once you arrive in Lomé, the visa validity duration can be extended up to one month  upon presentation of  proofs of the stay, 4 photographs of ID format and, if need be, a fee payment of FCFA 10,000 or €15  at the office for Foreign services and passport located in the building GTA-C2A in Bè-Klikanmé area  within Lomé city.

Note: Any traveler who has no Togolese identifying document (passport or Identifying Card) is considered as a foreigner even though this person has several nationalities. In this case, the person needs a visa.

Documents required and procedure to follow *

In preparing the file for a visa application, the following documents need to be gathered:

A passport whose validity exceeds 6 months at the end of your stay in Togo as well as a blank sheet of paper for Togo visa.

  • 3 photographs of ID format taken recently (bearing applicant’s First and last names in the back)
  • Two Visa request forms filled and signed properly
  • A proof for the round-trip ticket (photocopy of this ticket or reservation proof)
  • An accommodation proof or hotel reservation proof

To obtain a business visa, the following are required: a mission letter or an invitation letter containing all the contact information of the partner in Togo.

In case you are a journalist the following are required:

  • Your press card
  • The certificate from the press organ
  • Your team members list
  • The authorization from the communication and civic training ministry of Togo
  • A stamped envelope bearing the addressee’s information for forwarding via recommended mail

Tourist visa (VTE): It is called Tourist entente visa   which allows tourists to visit, if they wish, at least two out of the 5 countries of the Entente Council composed of Togo, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Niger. Valid for 60 days, it is issued by the passport service in Togo at FCFA25 000.

* Visas obtaining conditions, their rates and the nationalities concerned regularly change depending on diplomatic news.  You are requested to check immediately the formalities which concern you.