Which Seminars should I attend In Lome, Togo?

Starting to Develop a Specialty Club ( Separate seminars in English and in French)

We must always look for new innovative ideas to begin new clubs and seek areas that we can capitalize on to have a club and give a group of people the opportunity to serve with us. This seminar explores how one can start the search for a specialty club and what benefits it has for the association and the group that is targeted. This is a seminar not to miss, as you will certainly gain more ideas to expand clubs in your Districts.

How to Engage Lions in Service Projects? ( Separate seminars in English and in French)

With the advent of GST, service is once again in the forefront. Many clubs carry out many varied activities, but do they involve all their members? Come to this seminar to learn about techniques that clubs all over the world use to engage their members. With the changing face of service this is a must go to seminar, to ensure that you are engaging your Lions in Service projects.

Your Fire Fighters, our Associates (only one in English with translation into French)

This is an excellent opportunity to meet Staff in the ISSAME Mumbai office, who are an excellent resource for African Lions. Here you will be introduced to the functions of the office and what type of assistance they can offer Districts, Governors and indeed any member. If you have issues where you need guidance on, be it constitutional, or just on how your club is run, or where to get assistance from, then please do make time to be at this seminar.

LCIF Changing at 50 (only one in English with translation into French)

As LCIF gears to enter its 50th year, there as so many changes at LCIF. This seminar will illustrate the exciting ways in which you, Your Club and District can support LCIF. New structures at LCIF require all clubs to have a reported Club LCIF coordinator, allowing free circulation of information. You may have known a lot about LCIF, but if you miss this seminar then you will be left behind.

Feeling the Impact of GAT ( Separate seminars in English and in French)

GAT is a new concept to ensure that clubs and Districts get full support closer to home, but how can you benefit from the appointed officers. Come and better understand what GAT is all about, how it functions, what it should deliver to your District or club.

Leadership Characteristics: Are you a “Lone Nut” , Follower or Leader? ( Separate seminars in English and in French)

Leaders in Leadership positions have a direct effect on the proformace of a Club or District. Come to this exciting seminar where Leadership Characteristics will be examined and you can decide what type of leader you are and/or what type you would like to be. Come and understand the ways you can determine the type of leadership that you witness every day. This will be a fun filled seminar, don’t miss it!!

Special Olympics, Pushing new Barriers (only one in English with translation into French)

Where ever Lions have attend this seminar, they have entered into partnerships with the Special Olympics, and the effects on the communities has been a very positive experience. Come to this seminar, see what this partnership is about, share the activities undertaken on the African Continent, and interact with the representatives of the Special Olympics. It will change your club/ district forever.

Explore Euro Africa Partnerships (only one in English with translation into French)

Many Districts in Africa, still do not fully understand this concept and hence miss out on projects that could be done in their communities. Funding is available for certain projects, but it requires collaboration and the Euro-Africa committee can create a collaboration with Lions from Europe. So if you have a project in your District that you feel needs support, please come with details to see how you can participate.

Making Your Clubs Youth Friendly ( Separate seminars in English and in French)

This is an excellent seminar to examine your club to see if it is indeed youth friendly. Come and see if your club is really attractive to the youth and at the same time learn what the youth may be looking for in a club. You will be surprised at how many small changes you could consider that will not affect the running of your clubs.

Are Your Lions Loving or Leaving Their Clubs? ( Separate seminars in English and in French)

The Club is the core of our association, so it is important that we retain our members. we attract new service minded persons to be a part of us, but the question is  are they staying and if so staying with their hearts? With the ever changing world and the fact that we want to target a cross range of ages, come and explore the different ways members look at a club and what you can do to identify method to get them Loving the club.