Message from Hastings CHITI (Zambia)

Hastings E. Chiti

Chiti Hastings Eli from Lusaka, Zambia, was elected to serve a two-year term as a director of Lions Clubs International at the association’s 100th International Convention held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, June 30 through July 4, 2017.

Dear my fellow Lions, Leos and Guests,

It is with great pleasure and profound gratitude that I welcome you all to the 23 rd All Africa Conference in Lome, Togo.

I extend the warmest greetings to our distinguished guests who have travelled from overseas to join us in celebrating our 23 rd All Africa Conference in the Lionistic year 2017-2018.
This is a joyous moment as we reflect where we have come from as Lions on the continent of Africa and where we want to be in the second century of service. Indeed, we cherish a proud past and face a bright future. We recently celebrated a milestone achievement, 100 years of service to Humanity and no one will erase this remarkable history.

Congratulations to all the Lions and Leos.

As we step into the next century of service, let us embrace the spirit of “We Serve” and remain united in diversity and action oriented service.

The “Power of We” unites us and demonstrates the purpose for which we exist.

We should continue to extend our humanitarian services to all mankind in Africa and across the Globe.
I wish to conclude by quoting our founding member lion Melvin Jones who once said “You cannot get very far until you start doing something for somebody else”.

Achieving our objectives will require membership growth at all levels.

And for Africa, that is what we need in order to become our own continental Area.

We need membership of more than 30,000 Lions on this Continent.

I humbly implore on each member to take a stand and be counted.

Together we can achieve and exceed this task. With the “Power of Wethere is nothing that is impossible.

Please enjoy the Conference.

Yours Truly,

Hastings Eli Chiti, pmjf
International Director – 2017 – 2019

Message from Alexis Vincent Gomès (Congo- Brazzaville)

Alexis Vincent Gomès, from Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo, was elected to serve a two-year term as a Director of Lions Clubs International at the Association’s 96th International Convention held in Hamburg, Germany July 5 through 9, 2013.

Beloved Friends,

It is a great honour and a privilege to send you my word of encouragement and congratulations on the occasion of our 23rd All Africa Conference to be held in Lome from January 31 to February 3, 2018, under the theme: We Serve Better Together.

I believe in our commitment, and I am sure that we are on the right way, with our messages of peace, our services and projects that give a smile and comfort to the most disadvantadged.

All Africa Conference is the best setting where, by the way of working group and seminars, we carry out assessment of our practices, an exchange of our experiences and an update of practices for a better impact and an expansion of the limits of our presence on the globe.

Dear Lion Friend, your presence to All Africa Conference in Lome is indispensable because the long-awaited moment when Africa will take is destiny in hand is close: the long-awaited constitutional area seems close…

Let’s come and think and agree together on the services axis and techniques to adopt.

All Africa Conference is also a time of entertainment and discovery of Africa in its cultural diversity.

This conference is likely to be the last event of this type until we meet in the first Lions Clubs Of Africa Forum.

Come to Lome and discover generous people along with fellow Lions engaged in their commitment.

While waiting for these days of meetings, the Togolese people, the Lions of Togo and Africa welcome you to Lome.

I wish all the best to the All Africa Conference of Lome.

My sincere and loyal Lions friendships.

Alexis Vincent Gomès, Snd Century Ambassador
Past International Director – 2013 – 2015
Conference Chairman
LCI Board Appointee 2017-2018
LCIF Board of trustees 2017-2018

Message from H.O.B Lawal (Nigeria)

Hamed Olugbenga Babajide Lawal, from Ikorodu, Nigeria, was elected to serve a twoyear term as a director of Lions Clubs International at the association’s 92nd International Convention, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, July 6 through 10, 2009.

Dear Conference Chair PID Alexis and great Lions of Africa,

Please accept my congratulations on the occasion of our 23 rd All Africa Lions Conference taking place in Lomé, Togo, 31st January to 3rd February 2018.

That the Lomé conference is the first AAC in our 2nd Century of service, no doubt imposes a lot of responsibilities on us in the areas of cohesion, expansion and improved service delivery. In our first century of service, lions all over the world were able to keep faith with our motto – WE SERVE in all ramifications.

In our 2nd Century of service, we must strive for excellence as we continue to grow in the spirit of our WE SERVE motto and our centennial mantra – WHERE THERE IS A NEED, THERE IS A LION. In this connection, it must be emphasized that our Global Action Team is a 3 in 1 veritable tool whose resources must be fully tapped for the accomplishment of our service goal within the context of LCI’s Global Service

Framework, viz:

(i.) Increasing membership of the Association progressively from 1.5 million this year to 1.7 million in year 2020. Needless to mention that Africa has been challenged to attain the 30,000 membership mark to qualify for the status of a Constitutional Area of LCI this year.

(ii.) Progressive training of Lions from 350,000 this year to over 500,000 by the year 2020.

(iii.) Radical and qualitative improvement of our service delivery especially in the areas of Diabetes, vision, environment, pediatric cancer and hunger, to cover about 170 million people this year, which will progressively increase to 200 million people annually in the year 2020.

(iv.) Enhancing the awareness of lions in our LCIF program by getting lions to individually subscribe a minimum of US$2.00 per week to LCIF, i.e. average minimum of $100 per annum, thereby giving US$150m per annum optimally by 1.5m lions in our Association.

(v.) Massive mobilization and participation of Lions in the Global LCIF Capital Fundraising Campaign so that Africa can occupy its pride of place in the comity of Constitutional Areas that will contribute to the US$300 million target.

The Lomé conference is also offering us a very good opportunity in self and service improvement as a major overhaul of the AAC Agreement is in the offing that will upgrade AAC to a Forum, preparatory to our attainment of Africa Constitutional Area.

Finally, I wish to heartily congratulate ID Hastings Chiti who will officially be taking over at this conference as Chairman Africa Leadership/Conference. I wish him a successful tenure which will usher in a new era of Africa Constitutional Area.
With best wishes for a resoundingly successful conference, I remain

Lion (Engr.) H.O.B. Lawal
Past International Director 2009 – 2011

Message from Dr. Manoj SHAH (Kenya)

Manoj Shah of Nairobi, Kenya, was elected to serve a two-year term as a director of The International Association of Lions Clubs at the association’s 88th International Convention held in Hong Kong, June 27-July 1, 2005.

Dear Lions of Africa,


Our minds make us what we are, the power of thought is the greatest of our powers. It can steer us towards an exceptional new direction and never-before accomplishments or it can confine us in a growth arresting corner. Meredith Grey captures it best: “Boundaries don’t keep other people out, they fence you in, life is messy. That’s how we are made, so, you can either waste your life drawing lines, or you can live your life crossing them”.

What is stopping us then, from pushing our limits and achieving so much more than what we are currently accomplishing?

Think it over. What we do vs. what we can do. One suggests our current level of performance. The other questions the usage of our potential. I believe, very strongly, that not living up to one’s full potential is the greatest disservice we can do to ourselves and our community.

We are, today, teamed up as Lions, with clear well-defined roles. The options before us are unlimited. The opportunities- beyond comprehension! We are driven by a purpose-to be available to our communities whenever there is a need; whenever there is an opportunity for us to serve.

The United Nations estimates that currently more than 860 million people are living in urban slums. It defines a slum as a place where people lack any one of these: access to clean water, access to improved sanitation, sufficient living area, durable housing or secure tenure. This means that almost a quarter of those who live in urban areas lack at least one of these basic necessities-and that hundreds of millions lack all five.

For Lionism and for all of us, there is a big opportunity here. Lions Clubs are potential success stories for our communities. It is not enough if we merely exist. We must be visible. We must rise to expand our scope, enhance our capabilities and optimize our potential. And most importantly, we must involve our communities in what we do. That connect makes us relevant and rewards our existence.

Lionism today is incredibly different then what it used to be a decade ago. Today the challenges in terms of service activities and member’s expectations are much different. This All Africa Conference will provide us with an opportunity to sit together and interact meaningfully to work out ways and means to meet the challenges and ensure the pace of growth, that Africa has witnessed and to maintain and accelerate it further.

Each one of us can be a story to be emulated. Do join us and support the cause of growing together. It is now our time to discover newer options, to discover the unrealized.

I wish to congratulate the Chairperson PID Alexis Vincent Gomes, and our dynamic Lions of Togo for hosting a most successful conference in Lome. I also wish to extend my whole hearted support to our incoming forum chairperson and International Director Hastings Chiti.

My best wishes to all of you.

Lion Manoj SHAH
Past International Director 2005 – 2007

Message from Dr. SUMANT PURSHOTTAM AMIN (Kenya)

Dr. S.P. Amin, of Nairobi, Kenya, was elected to serve a two-year term as a director of The International Association of Lions Clubs at the association’s 84th International Convention, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, July 2-July 6, 2001.

PID Lion Alexis Vincent Gomes Conference Chairperson

I feel privileged to send my Greetings & Good Will Message on the occasion of the 23rd All Africa Conference being held from 31st January to 3rd February 2018 in Lome, Togo.

I am sure, this conference will provide an opportunity for fellow Lions from different countries of Africa to develop fellowship, mutual understanding and exchange views & ideas with others and help us promoting the principles & objectives of our Association, as also find answers to respond to the call of our International President “THE POWER OF SERVICE”.

Our vision of a world fellowship remains clear. However, our future is not without challenges. The biggest challenge today is Membership Growth and as the need of the community continue to grow, it is vital that we grow our Membership in order to meet those needs. We Lions are known for our dedicated involvement in humanitarian activities and this Conference, I am confident, will provide us an excellent opportunity to enhance our image.

I wish to offer my heartiest felicitations to all the participating Lions from Africa, who will gather in Lome, Togo to make this 23rd All Africa Conference a big success. My close association with you during the All Africa Conference confirms my faith in your ability to plan and execute such events with perfection. I am sure you will make this Conference also a meaningful experience for all the participants.

I wish you and the organizing committee every success and hope that all the delegates will have an enjoyable time and a successful Convention.

Let us together strive to “BUILD FREINDSHIP”.

Yours in Lionism,

Past International Director 2001 – 2003