ID Vijay Kumar Raju

Dear Friends in Service,

Greetings and good wishes!

“There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time & energy to help others without expecting anything in return.”  Nelson Mandela.

Members form the corner stone of any organization. We can become the global leader in community and humanitarian service only if we have volunteers to serve. Surround yourself with people of the same mission as yours.

Let me put my hands together in appreciation of African Leadership and Team Africa for the conscientious efforts devoted to increase membership. If each one of you could bring in two more additional hands to serve, we could serve better together.

I am assured that the 23rd All Africa Conference will explore innumerable possibilities and opportunities to expand our service in areas of Diabetes, Environment, Hunger Relief, Pediatric Cancer and Vision.

While appreciating the enthusiastic zeal of the organizers, I wish the All Africa Conference a stupendous success.

Together we shall sing our success hymns.

Let our lives be a message of service.

Warm Regards,

Vijay Kumar Raju
International Director 2016 – 2018

ID K. Dhanabalan

Dear PID and Board appointee, Lions Of Africa,

It’s a pleasure to know that the souvenier will be released to commemorate the occasion of All Africa conference.

It’s great privilege to get me a chance to send goodwill message.

We Serve Better Together

We have been growing since 1917 as our motto is ‘We Serve’.But still more services are needed to our community.Service is not only to grow ourselves but also to make an impact in the society.
Our President has fixed the target of 200 million people must be served and through this our membership should be growing to 1.5 million.It can be possible if We Serve Better Together in future.
I had an opportunity to be there in Nigeria and Morocco last year.I could see the real enthusiasm and cheerness in African lions.Your  involvement and contribution is very much appreciated.Can’t see any where in the world , the lady lions participation other than Africa.Ladies are occupying many leadership positions there.Its exhibits  their leadership talents.

The reason for the growth of African lionism depends on the leaders like you. PID Manoj Shaw,PID Lowal and you,all your sacrifices has lifted African Lions to this level.

All African conference is the right platform where we can meet all lions,share our thoughts,bring   closer  affinity,  fix  the target,design the future plan to grow and what not.

My best wishes for the success of 23rd All Africa Conference which will bring more laurels and achievement in African lions history.

With Regards,

K. Dhanabalan
International Director 2016 – 2018